How Google Webmaster Tools Can Help to Improve the SEO of a Website

Google webmaster tools is an effective tool that is available for SEO in today’s time in order to improve the SEO of a website. There are plenty of features available in this tool that simply help to make the job of an SEO expert a lot more easier. In this post, we have mentioned the ways in which google webmaster tools can be effective in improving the value of a website on a search engine platform.

Detects Problem in a Website

With the help of Google webmaster tools, Google establishes a strong connection with a website as it is not possible for it communicates with every website owner. It helps to detect the problem on a website and enlists the flaws in an easy manner. Google webmaster tools helps to identify problems such as the high load on the server, hacking of servers, and attack of any malware. Google notifies a website owner about all these problems through an email to acknowledge him to take the necessary actions in time.

Informs about Target Audience and Identify Important Keywords

Google pays attention to your website based on the settings you have selected for your target audience. it comes handy in attracting the target audience to a website and also plays a key role in knowing about important keywords on a website to improve your SEO campaigns. In addition to this, it also helps to set a preferred domain for a website. One can check for various online platforms for deals for savings on the purchase of different webmaster tools.

Gives Details About Incoming Links

Google webmaster tools will help you to know about the incoming links on your website and this gives website owners the freedom to decide whether such links benefit your website or not. You can also decide the following thing with this information:

  • Suggests different websites to you to link to your website.
  • The number of links on different pages.
  • Problematic links that are hindering the growth of your website.
  • Find out ‘bad links’ to remove from your website.

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Check for Manual Penalty on a Website

Google can impose a manual penalty or any penalty due to the breaking of algorithmic rules on your website.

  • On knowing about the manual penalty, it becomes possible to file a reconsideration request to ask Google to remove the penalty.
  • Secondly, in the case of an algorithmic penalty, one can know about the possible causes for a penalty and take the appropriate measure to retain the penalty-free state on a search engine.

Check for Google Crawler to Access your Website

It is very important that Google crawls your website in order to increase the ranking and hence SEO campaign. Under the google crawler service, it will simply help you to detect the broken links that are linked to your website. In addition to this, it will help you to know whether Google has rendered your website and also provide complete information about blocked resources if any.

Submit Sitemap and Know about Any Malware Attack

One can simply submit a sitemap of all the possible URLs that one wants Google to notice and it simply makes the job of Google a lot easier. In addition to this, a website owner can simply come to know if his website is hacked by any malware attack.

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