How to Promote a Facebook Page?

Want to know how to promote a Facebook page to increase your audience and get conversions?

Here is a small step by step guide that will allow you to open a Facebook page for your business, to advertise it and to set up a proper system of sponsoring your business or your product through the most widespread social network in the world.

How to open a Facebook page?

If you want to know how to promote a Facebook page it is quite implied that you already know how to create one. A Facebook page is a bit ‘the showcase of your activities.

What do you need it for? Open a page you need to promote your business through a professional and legal space. Yeah, because Facebook rules state that you cannot do promotional activities on your personal profile. It is therefore a good idea to keep the two separate things:

  • the profile for personal things and interactions with friends
  • the page for all the activities connected with your business (and then we’ll see what and how)

Opening a Facebook page is simple. Access the social network with your personal profile and then, from the home screen, click on the left menu on Pages and then top right on the green “Create Page” button. Or type directly on Google the string as Facebook business page and choose the first search result. You will be here on this screen. And you can start creating your page.

Do not worry, the procedure is guided. A page, as you can see, has its own structure: it has a photo and a cover, a title and a category and is public, meaning everyone can see it. And everyone can follow you without having to ask for friendship. The advantages (and also the reason) of opening a Facebook page to advertise and support your business are in this list:

  • you can create indexed content in search engines
  • you can geo localize your business (also very useful at SEO level as well as marketing)
  • you can read the statistics to understand the progress of your business (and of the advertising you do) thanks to Insights, the analysis tools already incorporated on your page
  • you can (and maybe you have to ) create call-to-action
  • you can create events, promotions, online appointments and anything else useful for positive interaction with your fans (already customers and potential), taking into account that you have no limit to their number (a profile can have maximum 5000 followers)
  • You can (and even here, maybe you have to) advertise your business through Facebook Ads. The how we will see it later

Now, using the wizard, have fun creating your Facebook page, trying to be as professional as possible and as consistent as possible with your core business, even in the choice of images and style.

How to advertise a Facebook page?

How to advertise or how to promote a Facebook page is a can the heart of our little guide. Now that you have created the page (if you did not already have it), here comes the nice: the promotion. You have to make your page known on the social network, otherwise it will be very difficult for someone to find you and your business to take off. You can advertise or promote your page in two ways:

  • using Facebook Ads (paid)
  • using the “barter” (free)

The second is a corollary of the first, which is the tool par excellence to advertise a Facebook page. Also because the Facebook Ads service allows an excellent user profiling, showing your ad to an interested target and not to a generic user. However, the free method is not to be underestimated. To advertise a page for free, write the following keywords on the search bar of Facebook: advertise Facebook pages, advertise your page and similar. You will see a series of pages (even here a minimum of profiling is allowed) that in exchange for your Like, offer free visibility to your (Facebook) links. It goes without saying that it is better to use pages that have the most likes.

But it is thanks to the use of Facebook Ads that your page can give its best in terms of promotion. What is it exactly? Advertising through Facebook means connecting with people to grow their business. To date, more than 2 billion people in the world are connected to this social network. It is a formidable showcase for any type of business, so much so that many companies are shifting most of their advertising budgets onto Facebook. So first of all you have to set the goal: to grow your business. Then you have to establish the how.

The best option is to generate an ad with Facebook Ads. Do you have to pay it? Yes why? Because it is very difficult to get free targeted traffic to your page. And if you have no targeted traffic, do not convert and do not make money. That is, if people are not interested in what you propose on your page, they will hardly become contacts that will turn into customers. Quite right?

As images there are several factors that determine which ad will be displayed, at what cost and who will see it. These factors are:

  • The target (depending on the target you will have different competitors)
  • The relevance score (relevance score)
  • Engagement (engagement)
  • The click-through rate (click through rate)
  • Timing (some high season periods have higher advertising costs)

The relevance score is a score that Facebook assigns to each ad to show people the most relevant ads for them. This is because to show users that count for them, bring a better experience to both people and businesses. The engagement it is the company’s ability (that is, who manages the business page) to create interaction with its fans. By interaction we mean reactions, comments and sharing, but also answers to questions or surveys. This engagement rate (fundamental) can be measured for each post, on a daily or weekly / monthly basis. In short, Facebook gives each ad a score of 1 to 10. The higher the number of clicks and interaction, the higher your ad score will be and the more likely you are to have your ad appear to the target with lower costs.

Which form of payment to choose for an ad on Facebook Ads?

The cost of your advertising campaign is established before you launch the ad. In the sense that you set the maximum ceiling of the daily investment that you can support. The type of payment, however, can be:

  • For impressions: that is, a total will be scaled to your budget each time the ad is displayed. It’s your choice if you need to make brand awareness and get yourself known around
  • Per click: the cost will be deducted each time the user clicks on a link of your ad. This option is to be preferred if the purpose of your advertising is to bring the user on a landing page
  • per action : the cost will be deducted only if the user compiles a specific action such as visiting a page, buying a product or completing a form

Guide to sponsorships Facebook

Many marketers like Stefano Del Grande, Dario Vignali and Sara Iannone have published paid guides to reveal the secrets of Facebook sponsorships. In fact, you need a lot of practice to be able to create and manage an advertising campaign that has a profitable ROI (return on investment) and that is able to generate several new leads (contacts) interested in your business.

Let’s say that the golden rule is to create interaction, publishing on its business page content that generates value for the user that involves it and does not bore it. You do not have to always reiterate the same concepts, nor do you always ask for an action. In this you can help with a strategic and wise use of images or demonstration videos.

A free and extremely useful tool for this purpose is the same Facebook guide to the world of adverts. Through the sections insertions, pages, inspiration, success stories and news you can gather many useful information to create, optimize and promote a Facebook page in the best way. So now you just have to get to work yourself, or rely on a social media marketing expert who can help you better.

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