OKR Software – What is it?

Many organizations are today going for OKR software extensively. But what exactly is this?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. This is a goal setting methodology, which drives the growth, alignment, etc. in the high performing companies. When we talk in the simplest language, OKR is the tool which aligns everyone in the company around some measurable goals.

This OKR methodology is a shared goals system where everyone in the organization is aligned and engaged with the top company goals. Since majority of growing and high performing companies need help with their OKR solutions, many OKR software have come out in the market to aid in that.

Why they use it?

Many companies like Google, Oracle, LinkedIn, etc. are using these OKRs because they help such companies achieve extensive growth and success. When they are getting ample profit just by using the OKRs, more and more companies are hence joining the queue.

And these days, you can easily find one of the most intuitive OKR software to use for your company. These are highly successful, due to which many high end companies are today using the OKR software for their goals.

Not every OKR software is same. Since every organization has different set of goals and measures, the OKR software is also customized for them. However, there are some basic set of features that you will find in each OKR software. It helps in majority of things, such as

  • Set ambitious goals and accelerate performance
  • Maximize results by allowing team to check in regularly
  • Align everyone at same level
  • Data driven management system, and so on.

So, if you are managing a team and are a part of a fastly growing company, you should definitely start considering the OKR software, if you haven’t done that already. It is high time you set and track the objectives meticulously.

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