Powerful Tips to Save Laptop Battery Life

Modern laptops are now much more powerful and enhanced due to advancements in mobile technology. They are efficient to do all the complex work with the best processing and greater battery lives. Despite the advanced technology in use, laptop batteries start providing poor back up after continuous operational years.

Laptop batteries are made to provide the power to all operations. So they need to be kept healthy by following some significant tips. The laptop battery life can be enhanced once the user starts to look after it. Scroll down to go through some tips regarding laptop battery health.  

Go Through Power Settings

The first thing to do is to get familiar with your laptop power management features. In a Windows laptop, you can open power settings by hitting Start and typing the power setting. There could be a default setting to manage the power consumption but it does not literally save laptop battery life.

You can customize the setting by telling your laptop to dim the light after you leave. Once you start learning to customize the laptop power settings, then you can make further many other changes to improve the battery life of your laptop.

Turn off WiFi

Wireless networking capabilities of laptops are the biggest battery sippers. WiFi continuously drains the battery to connect with the network. Even if the laptop is not connected with a network and WiFi is on then it keeps searching for the signals that drain the battery a lot. Many laptops have a function to disable WiFi when a wireless network is not available for a long time. You can set the time limit manually from the adaptor setting for the WiFi device to search for the networks. It will show you instant results regarding extending the battery life. 

Remove Extra Peripherals

Using extra USB peripherals can drain your laptop battery because the laptop’s motherboard has to provide power to keep them active. Unplugging extra USBs is like saving power. Extra USBs could be USB sticks, mice, speakers, and webcams.

So, copy the content form all the peripherals and put your laptop trackpad in use over USB mouse. Many laptops have a switch to turn off the hardware when they are not in use. Having a disc spinning in the disc drive also consumes battery. It should be removed after every single use to enhance the battery life.

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