Resurgence Behavioral Health has Evidence-Based Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs

Drug addiction is an epidemic in our society. The numbers of drug addictions are increasing day by day. Individuals suffering from drug addiction require rehabilitation programs. California based rehab center, Resurgence Behavioral Health is helping the patients with its effective and evidence-based addiction programs. Resurgence offers full-service residential alcohol and drug rehab programs within a safe and comfortable healing environment. It carries several inpatient facilities across Orange Country, specifically in Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and Fullerton Hills. 

The resurgence has hired trained staff that keep close supervision on the patients. It conducts 24-hour medical care, individual and group therapy sessions, healthy meal options and a relaxing environment. There are many factors that are pushing people to move along with the patients to Resurgence. 

Outpatient Services

Resurgence’s outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs are an alternative option for those who can not manage for its residential program. It is perfect for those people who are employed and can not leave their jobs for rehabilitation treatments. The outpatient program is the further process of the residential treatment program. For outpatient programs, patients can visit any Resurgence center for a short amount of time such as a couple of hours, weekly or even once in a monthly meeting.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Resurgence’s partial hospitalization program allows the patients or their loved ones to have an opportunity to begin recovery skills during a residential treatment program and apply them in the real world. This program is very essential to assist the drug rehab patients in transitional return to normal life after an inpatient program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

During an Intensive Outpatient Program, the patients can maintain the flexibility of their daily normal routine while working on rehabilitation. Intensive Outpatient Program makes the patient undergo therapies and work on their recovery skills while maintaining their life in an outpatient setting. 

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