Should you Encourage your Employees to Accept Tips?

Should you Encourage your Employees to Accept Tips?

Giving tips with the free will impact the relationship with employees on a large scale. People who give tips to employees reflects their happiness for the service they receive from employees of any unit. From waiter, waitress, bartenders to gardeners, they are a number of categories of people who receive tips on a daily basis apart from their wages. But the question arises, “should you encourage your employees to accept tips?” This question could carry different viewpoints. Hence, we will explain such viewpoints in details which would help you get clarity on this subject.

If you are an employer then you should not encourage your employees to ask for tips from your customers. This is so because asking for tips for the services may impact badly on the reputation of an organization and people may not visit at the same place again. But if a customer is really satisfied with the service of employees and offering it with its own will then they should take it. It is the happiness of a customer after receiving an awesome service which prompts him to tip an employees of any service unit. In this case, it is totally fair to take the tips as the other person is offering it with its own will.

However, one should be taken into account that there is no right of an employer to get any amount of share on tips employees receive from customers. The entire amount of tips belongs to employee who provides excellent service to customers. For example, suppose you live in Mesa in the US and you move to a new place with the help of movers service say, movers mesa AZ. And if you tip the workers of the movers service on getting satisfied with the work of people then the tip money simply goes into the pocket of the employees. The manager or owner of the movers service has no right to get any amount of share from that money.

Many a time, there arises a situation that the earning from a tips money exceeds the amount of money every employees receive from their employer. This not only motivates the employees to work enthusiastically for the next time but also they contribute to the progress of their company on a large scale. One of the best examples of this thing is the high success of the movers scottsdale in the US. Because of the diligent work of the employees, the movers company has risen to a new height.

So, to conclude we can say that if a customer is offering money to the employees with his own free will then it is totally fine on employees part to accept a tip. However, an employer of a company should not encourage his employees to take tips by asking the customers for it.

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