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Top Forex Trading Apps for Android and iOS Users

The global economy is a lot dependent upon international trade. Thus forex trading is rising up as a digital investment frontier. It becomes necessary to choose the best forex trading application to understand the different functionalities of forex traders. You have to keep your eyes 24 hours a day on the forex market because it is very volatile and changes quickly.

To be updated with all the changes occurring in forex trading, choosing the best forex trading app becomes necessary for every trader. You need to install an app in your smartphone to get useful information for your daily trading activities. Forex trading apps cover all brokers and can be operated from any corner of the world. Scroll down to know about the best forex trading apps.

The Trading Game

The Trading game application primarily offers the best practice and experience of the forex market without paying money. This free to use mobile app is supported on both android and iOS mobiles. The Trading Game app is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders. The beginners can go through the trading lessons and guidelines available in the app system while the experienced traders can improvise their trading skills. A plenty of quizzes are available to test your knowledge and enhance your learning. 


eToro is a perfect platform for learning about social trading. More than 220 million traders have installed this application and the number is increasing each day. Etoro is also a real money platform which allows users to copy a selected trader’s exact ways of trading including Daytrading currencies. By doing so, new traders can take help of other traders to grow their money. You have to choose the right trader after carrying proper portfolio analysis and statistics that traders provide. 


Every forex trader, apart from having a free forex signals app, also needs to perform research and read some news about the current market. Bloomberg provides you the same facilities including the best financial news and financial instrument in which you are interested. Additionally, this app also allows you to monitor your portfolio easily to receive alerts. Bloomberg assists you in making the best decisions to improve your financial position. 

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