What are Android Modded Games?

What are Android Modded Games?

Many games when released, become highly popular. But with a period of time, they need to be modified in order to stay up to date with the interest of people.

And when these games are modified, they are called Modded Games. Mod is the short form of Modification. In other words, modified Android games are called modded games. What makes them different from the original game?

Modded Games

Over a period of time, new features are added in the previous Android apps to keep up the craze of people. Some of these features may include

  • Custom Levels
  • New Characters
  • Objects
  • Or even a new game from existing game engine

In most of the cases, modded games are those where one can get unlimited access to the features. Such as, in the modded version of Clash of Clans, users get access to unlimited coins. For some games, the official developers release the modded versions, while for others, some hackers hack the entire game and release its modded versions.

Here I will be sharing with you some of the very popular Android modded games, which people have loved a lot.

Temple Run 2

This has been an extremely popular game with people who are looking for something fun, exciting, yet constant. In the normal version, you have to run to earn coins and unlock features.

But in the modded version, you will get access to unlimited coins, thereby unlocking each and every feature possible. While for some time, this may seem exciting that you can now experiment all the features. But after a certain duration, you lose the charm of the game since you don’t have anything to run for now.

Subway surfers

This game is also just like Temple Run 2. You run and save yourself from various hurdles. In the mean time, you keep collecting coins and crossing the stages and levels. But with the Mod version of Subway Surfers, all you have to do now is pass your time by crossing the hurdles. The excitement level loses after a certain time.

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