What is a Business Feasibility Report?

The business feasibility report is an important part of business development cycles which one should consider to analyze the vital aspects while implementing a business plan. Basically, it helps in the decision-making process by taking into consideration various factors into account. In the business feasibility report, problems and opportunities are identified and objectives are determined to implement a business plan successfully. It is conducted during the deliberation phase of the business development cycle prior to the commencement of a formal business plan. This is an analytical tool which includes recommendations and limitations, which help the decision makers to analyze whether a business concept is viable or not.

Importance of Business Feasibility Report

The importance of business feasibility report lies in the fact that it helps to estimate whether a business plan will be successful or not. During this phase, it becomes possible to determine the commercial viability of a business plan. It could play a crucial role in saving investment or resources from getting wasted as it could become possible beforehand to determine the viability of a business concept.

The research which requires to create a feasibility report for any business will help to reduce the research time while preparing a business plan which would reduce the business plan cost. In addition to this, the thorough analysis of various factors while preparing a business feasibility report will further provide various information which is necessary for a business plan. This information will become handy in doing marketing of a business in the market. However, there should be clear evidence about the recommendations it supports.

Dimensions of Business Feasibility Report

Once a business feasibility report is ready, it will be assessed by potential investors and stakeholders regarding its credibility. One should use various business analysis software such as SWOT to prepare a business feasibility report. With the help of a business feasibility report, it is possible to place the findings of the dimensions of business viability model assessment into a formal business report. The following dimensions are studied while preparing a business feasibility report for any business:

  • Market Viability
  • Technical Viability
  • Business Model Viability
  • Management Model Viability
  • Economic and Financial Model Viability
  • Exit Strategy Viability

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