What is a Field Service Management Software?

If you are a business that provides field services, then it makes all the more sense that you start using a field service management software. A huge part of your success depends on this software. And that is why majority of companies today are using this.

But what exactly is this?

Field Service Management Software

field service management software is a system that coordinates all the operations of your on-field employees. In other terms, you would be able to manage your mobile workforce easily through this software. Some of the tasks that are covered under such software include:

  • Scheduling Service Orders
  • Managing orders
  • Tracking the locations of vehicles
  • GPS Navigation
  • Route Optimization
  • Dispatching the agents
  • Tracking the job status
  • Customer Portals
  • Regulatory compliance measures
  • Payment processing, and so on.

There are numerous such software available in the market. And each varies in some or the other functionality from each other. For example, if we talk about Miracle FSM Software, then here you get some great additional benefits too, such as accounting integration, management reporting, service contracts, etc.

If you are a small company, with a handful of employees, you might not need such a big software to manage your workforce. However, if you are in a growing phase, and have a large workforce, incorporating an FSM software in your working environment is more of a must in today’s time.

Why use such a software?

Apart from the functionalities and growth opportunities that a Field Service Management Software provide, there are numerous other benefits too that makes it a great choice for the companies.

Lower fuel costs

An FSM Software helps in optimizing the routes and schedule them dynamically. This saves a lot of fuel cost, which otherwise was impossible. A driver might not know where he would encounter the traffic or other problems. So, he keeps on driving on the fixed path.

With this software, he can navigate which routes he can avoid and which ones he can take to reach the destination quickly and efficiently.

Manage workforce

According to the employees, they are always working while on a field. But sometimes, it can be a possibility that they are lying. With this software, you can keep track of your employees and the work they do in the real time.

Their vehicle locations are updated, and so is their job status. This helps in better accountability of the workforce, thereby bringing more productivity and profit to your company.

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