What Makes League of Legends a very Popular Game?

You might have heard League of legends along with World of Warcraft and DOTA 2, but for League of Legends the Number of fans has gone up in numbers because of its popularity among its fans.

The game has ranked on top among other strategy games and that has also led to the popularity of league of legends betting.  In the world championships in the year 2018, there was a total of 360,000,000 hours with a fan watching at least for an hour per session.

Why is it popular?


The game is known for its levels of intense gameplay where you are allowed to jump to a successive rank, which you will achieve after wins. The rank system is optional, and you can choose not to participate in it. Ranks are essential because you can brag about your ranks to your friends and you have a place to identify yourself among your community.

You can invite friends to play with

In the game, you must drive in the team dynamics where you can call your friends to join into the game. Asking your friends to join in the game is better than failing to communicate with strangers.

The championship and its fame

League of legends hosts its championship among its best players in the world. And if you want to be one of the participants, then you have to be good with the game. The championship hosts prizes for winners. And there is prize money in millions of dollars. People from all across the world participate in the championship, and the winner gets the prize money.

It is different from DOTA

This game is entirely different from DOTA because the character, the graphics, the storyline, all of it is entirely different from DOTA. Many people mistake and confuse the League of Legends and DOTA 2, but both are entirely different even though they are both strategy games.

League of Legends has a significant contribution to Strategic online gaming, and the fans have never been more satisfied with the kind of gaming experience that it has offered them. If you are into gaming and you want to check out strategy games for the first time, you must play League of Legends for a vast experience that you can never forget. League of legends is still gaining more popularity among its fans

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