Why AWS Certification is Necessary?

Why AWS Certification is Necessary?

In a business, it is very difficult to manage its myriad aspects for a single person.Nowadays, businesses are more than just sales and purchases. There’s logistics, administration, infrastructure, maintenance, and then there’s Information Technology (IT). With a lot of data digitized, there is really not a single aspect of a business that computers don’t find their way into.

Although these businesses may employ many experts to maintain this IT infrastructure on site, randomness in efficiency makes it difficult to synchronize all departments a singular manager. It is exponentially more difficult in IT companies wherein everything depends on software and the hardware it runs on. Cloud computing makes it possible to have this difficulty trivialized systematically.

Competing among the plethora of service providers in cloud computing, Amazon has introduced the Amazon Web Services [AWS], which is akin to a master key to solve all your business problems. AWS is a secure cloud service platform that provides a multitude of computing resources at your fingertips.

In cloud computing arena, Amazon contributes 33% of total market which is 3 times more than its competitors and would tend to achieve 43% in near future.And just so as it happens, Amazon is now recruiting professionals in it for this purpose.However, to ensure your seat for the job you are required to be armed with better qualifications such as AWS cloud practitioner certification.

As the demand and supply rule goes, there are institutions offering courses for such jobs in cloud computing. An AWS trained employee earns up to 25% higher in salaries, to the tune of $113,932 on average. Their HR department prefers candidates with more and better certifications than any IT engineering degree. So where do you learn to be a competent AWS professional?

Here are some courses to get you started.

AWS technical Essentials Certification

This is quite similar to the nursery level of a school in many ways. If you are challenged in understanding the basics of AWS, this course is for you. Training in AWS products, cloud computing services as well as solutions, make up the bulk of it. Completing this course will enable you to be familiar with theAWS management console and the relevant security measures.

Features: Introduction, live projects (up to two), practical experience in execution of projects using the AWS console, etc.

Duration: Seven hours.

Fee: $150/-

Eligibility: No experience needed, although prior programming knowledge beneficial.

AWS developer Associate Certification

When you understand how cloud computing works, the next logical step would be to write code and design various apps in AWS product line. Just writing code does not cut it. With this course, you will be able to design, implement and deploy various cloud-based AWS solutions.

Features: This course upgrades your knowledge of AWS through experience and assists in acquiring the AWS Developer Associate Certification.

Duration: No specifics, but it depends upon your skill.

Fees: -$150/-

Eligibility:Either passing AWS technical Essentials Certification or relevant experience in that field. The candidate must be accustomed with messaging and queuing services. You would ideally be also able to develop an Application Programming Interface. Understanding of stateless and loosely coupled distributed applications, relational, non – relational databases is advantageous.

AWS Solution Architect Certification

This certification enables students to relate IT infrastructure with cloud computing. A solutions architect is more adept at building the base architecture of the software and / or hardware, which dictates further design in scaling the AWS.

Features: This course trains you to operate AWS technologies, create architectures and deploy robust, secure applications. This is a preparatory course to learn designing and measuring AWS cloud computing.

Duration: 36 hours training and 20 hours of self-study in IT architecture and cloud computing.

Fees: -$150/-

Eligibility: No specific requirements, but experience in AWS is beneficial.

AWS SYsOps Associate Certification

The System Operations Associate is responsible for fault management on AWS systems. Additionally, a SysOps is expert in analysis of CloudWatch, and can use AS, ELB and Route 53 to build robust scalable systems.

Features: Experience in operating AWS management console, data flow, operational cost controls, CloudFormation, analysis, et al.

Fees: $150/-

Eligibility: Extensive experience running AWS systems in real time.

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