Why it is a good idea to use Cardboard Boxes for Food items?

You might have realized so far that cardboard material is very amazing because it comes in a variety of forms to play a crucial role in keeping products neat and clean. Cardboard boxes are used by all industries to pack their products such as pharmaceutical, food, gifts, electronic and electrical products. All the industries are using cardboard to save the environment from plastic packaging after governments have restricted plastic use in industries. The food industry is taking many benefits from cardboard boxes. The consumers usually like food items packaged in paper boxes or cardboard boxes. Likewise, food companies are taking benefits from cardboard boxes to grow their customer base. Check below some of the benefits of cardboard boxes for food items.

Preserve and Protect Food Items

Cardboard packaging can slow down food item’s deterioration. It maintains the beneficial effects of food by extending self-life to increase the quality of the food. A good cardboard food packaging provides protection from three major symptoms. Cardboard packaging provides chemical protection by reducing the item’s exposure to gases, moisture, and light. The cardboard acts as a chemical barrier between food and all the exposures. Cardboard also provides biological protection to food items. It stops the development of various microorganisms such as insects, rodents and bacteria. In addition, cardboard packaging helps to reduce mechanical damage to the food items. During the shipping process, food items are vulnerable to damage due to pressure formed on them. The cardboard is strong enough that it can withstand up to a certain limit of pressure without affecting the products within it.

Reduce Food Wastage

The cardboard food boxes not only hinder the food item’s deterioration, it also helps to keep the environment safe and free from waste. Cardboard packaging reduces food waste throughout the supply chain. Food waste reported in many countries is at 25 percent due to grain and 50 percent due to fruit or vegetables. The reason behind the wastage is inadequate packaging and preservation methods. The cardboard packaging reduces the total waste by extending the shelf life of food. The cardboard is easy to destroy and they can easily be recycled or eliminated after their service period. The cardboard itself does not leave any waste on the earth.

Market the Brand

Every food company starts the shipment of their products after scripting their business line, logo and company name on the box. All this information on the box plays an important role to market the brand among the worldwide audience. Every person who would see the cardboard packed item would surely see the information written on it. This whole scenario works to promote the product among the public. Even an empty card box with company information plays a role to market the brand.


The cardboard food boxes are very convenient. They can be transported anywhere. Everyone like the transport company, labor, worker, and delivery person, handle the cardboard food box with convenience due to its unique properties. Cardboard is not a costly material. It is much cheaper than glass, metal, and plastic. In addition, it is nature-friendly and does not leave harmful gases during its deterioration period.

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