What is Local SEO Service & Do you need it?

3 Tools all SEO Experts use

There is no denying the fact that SEO is the most important aspect for any website today. If it has to rank well in search results, then nothing can help in that other than the SEO.

So, most of the companies take the task of SEO very rigorously. They either hire an in-house team to handle it separately, or they take help from an external SEO agency who can handle their project. But in all the cases, there are some tools that come handy when we talk about SEO.

These tools are definitely used by all the agencies. And so, even if you are going ahead with SEO on your own, you should consider using them to ease your problems and devise better solutions.

Keyword Research

When we talk of SEO, we need to take care of the keywords we are using in either the page, or the article. Every SEO friendly article is written keeping a keyword or set of keywords in mind, which are searched by the people.

And to help you find out these keywords, you need help from any keyword research planner, for example, SEMrush, kwfinder, and so on. Depending upon the number of searches made for the keyword, and difficulty, you decide upon which article to write.

SEO Audit Tool

Who knows how good the SEO of your website is. You might see the search engine results differently than others. And you might never know how users are behaving after interacting with your website.

An SEO audit tool helps you in analyzing all of that, and much more. You can take help from this free website SEO audit and speed test tool, which would help you in analyzing numerous things. Some of those include:

  • Broken Link Analysis
  • User behavior on your website
  • Rankings of the keywords, and much more.

Backlink Monitoring

Now, you need to build backlinks so that your SEO gets a stronghold over your competitors. But that would happen if you make better or similar backlinks than your other competitors. For this, you need help from tools that monitor those backlinks for you. Besides these, there are agencies such as Submitcore guest post service, which take care of these backlinks for you.

But if you have to go about them on your own, some of the tools which you can use here can be Ahrefs, Majestic, and so on. With the help of these tools, you can check which all keywords your competitors are targeting, and what backlinks they have made. Then you can plan your approach accordingly.

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