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What's the Future of Health & Beauty eCommerce?

What is Next in Store for E-Commerce?

Nobody will deny that e-commerce has become one of the powerhouse industries recently. It continues to grow at a rapid speed and leave regular stores behind them.  Such tendencies are bound to stay because people have become more dependent on technology and are spending so much of their time on the internet. E-commerce is everchanging […]

What You Need to Do to Ensure That Pricing Plays a Role within Your Marketing Mix

Regardless of whether your item or service is the best that this planet has ever seen, without a good go-to-market (GTM) strategy as well as a plan of execution, you won’t see much success. In school and numerous books, everyone is taught the significance of the 4 Ps within strong marketing plans including product, price, […]

How to Run an Online Astrology Business?

Running an astrology business is very beneficial in the present time especially in Asian countries. China, India, and Burma are the few Asian countries where astrology starts from streets and ends on the Internet. There are many YouTube and TV channels which mainly show the horoscope of people after studying stars, cards, numbers, and stones. […]

The Importance of End-to-End Ecommerce Managed Solutions

Ecommerce is growing exponentially since the future of shopping is moving away from a brick-and-mortar model towards online shopping. As more and more consumers are changing their buying behavior to online, having an online presence through your own standalone website or selling on online marketplaces can help retail sellers to reach a bigger group of […]

How to Create a Good Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The main secret of keeping customers happy is by introducing products and services which offer an appropriate solution to their problems. It is the positive user experience which helps to contribute to the progress of companies on different aspects. In today’s time, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction programs enjoy the top-most priority for any business […]