Legality of Playing at Swedish Online Casinos

Sweden is known for its gambling industry as Swedes take part in gambling activities on a large scale. Many casino companies are enrolling in the Swedish gambling industry, but the strict gambling rules imposed by the Swedish government are a big hurdle.

Is it legal to play online casino games in Sweden? Yes, there are many legal online casino games provided by Swedish casino companies to players. But casino companies operate under strict restrictions that make it difficult for them to earn a big profit.

The major reason for the Swedish government to impose strict restrictions on gambling operations is to prevent problem gambling. After the rising cases of gambling addiction, the Swedish authorities decided to bring strict laws to make people participate in responsible gambling activities.

Introduction of New Swedish Gambling Act

In 2019, the Swedish government introduced the new Swedish gambling act to prevent people from falling victim to problem gambling. Under this new gambling act, companies cannot offer lucrative bonus offers to players.

Besides, there are many restrictions imposed by the government on players. As a result, players start exploring online casinos with no Swedish license to enjoy online casino games. Compared to earlier times, there are now many online casinos operating in Sweden without a Swedish license.

Evolution of the Swedish Gambling Industry

The Swedish gambling industry has evolved significantly over time and it has benefitted both players and casino companies. Earlier, there were only four land-based casinos that would enjoy monopoly in Sweden. But with time, things changed dramatically and it led to the introduction of online casinos.

After this, players started enjoying more freedom in playing online casino games easily. Now, players don’t just have online casinos with a Swedish license but also enjoy many online casinos with no Swedish license.

Casino Utan Svensk Licens is an excellent example in this context as this platform offers many online casinos with no Swedish license. They offer many online casinos games with lucrative bonuses to Swedes.

The operators of this platform say, “our source offers many amazing bonuses and a comfortable online gambling platform for casino players to enjoy their time well.” But the main issue for the licensed or non-licensed casinos in Sweden is the strict rules imposed by the Swedish government.

Strict Rules on Online Casinos in Sweden

Due to strict gambling rules, casino companies find it very difficult to make their desired profit in the online casino market in Sweden. In addition, players are also not enjoying their gambling activities under strict gambling rules.

Here are the set of strict gambling rules that have significantly changed the Swedish gambling industry. Failing to meet these requirements would not allow any online casino company or player to participate in the online gambling industry.

  • Restrictions on Deposit – A person who plays casino games on licensed Swedish casinos cannot deposit more than 5,000 SEK per month. The Swedish government imposed the limit during the pandemic and it is expected to remain in force till the end of 2021.
  • Lack of Bonuses – Casinos with Swedish licenses cannot offer lucrative bonuses to players. They can only offer a welcome bonus, but they can’t grant free spins, other bonuses, and a loyalty program.
  • Three Second Pause – Online casinos in Sweden must put in place a three-second pause between slot pulls. This is necessary to give players sufficient time to decide whether to continue their games further or not.

These restrictions act as a hurdle in the growth of licensed online casino companies in Sweden. Hence, licensed online casino companies find it very difficult to attract players and they don’t manage to make the desired profit.

Rising Popularity of Casinos with No Swedish License

Sweden has seen the introduction of many online casinos with no Swedish license. Authorities operate these online casinos outside of Sweden. They are licensed in other countries but provide legal online casino services in Sweden to allow players to gamble on them.

Swedes are largely taking part in online casinos with no license in Sweden. There are many reasons responsible for the increasing participation of people in these online casinos. First, at these online casinos, there are no restrictions on deposits.

Moreover, they offer many online casinos games to enjoy in a safe environment. Apart from this, these online casinos offer many lucrative bonuses to players without any three-second pause rule.

Thus, players find it convenient to enjoy playing at these online casinos using free spins and great bonuses. As a result, playing at these online casinos offers a great dose of fun to players.


In a nutshell, it is wise to say that Swedes can enjoy playing legal online casino games in licensed and non-licensed Swedish casinos. Besides, they could get many lucrative benefits while playing online casino games in Sweden.

But every player must choose a suitable online casino in Sweden to play online casino games. They must select an online casino after researching the services it offers to players.

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