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What do you Know about the Malware?

Malware is the general name for a combination of malicious software which include spyware, viruses and ransomware. Malware software is basically a series of code written by cyber attackers to cause serious damage to your system, steal your data and in extreme cases gain unauthorized access to your network. What damages can a Malware perform? […]

Is Facebook Hacking Possible?

Facebook is the most used social networking site on the internet which has successfully connected the entire world. People from all across the world share their opinion, thoughts on Facebook. However, there are cases of breaching registered by people on Facebook. It is not really possible to believe that Facebook which enjoys a huge number […]

Why is Having a VPN Important?

What role do VPN play?

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network, is like an encrypted tunnel, that connects your computer to the other computer over the internet. Now when you browse anything on the net, it would appear as if the other computer is browsing. This way, your own identity gets masked, and you become secure from various internet […]