Why is Having a VPN Important?

Why is Having a VPN Important?

Most of you might be familiar with the concept of VPN, and still choose to not use it. But you should really use VPN to prevent someone from following your digital footprints.

In this article, I am going to share with you more about VPN, which would make you believe why you should start using it now. But before that, let’s understand the concept of VPN if you are not much familiar with that already.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network, or a VPN is a network of computers over the Internet. It helps you access remote data and other information on the internet, which you might not have access to otherwise, or you wish to access them securely.

In other words, VPN is used to encrypt your searches and also save you from the prying eyes of your ISPs. Your IP address and location, both get masked when you start using VPN. This helps you to access restricted content as well.

When you connect to VPN, you usually launch a VPN client on your own desktop or laptop. And once you log in, your identity gets masked with a remote VPN server. In other words, everything you will search now, will appear to be searched from a remote VPN location. Now your internet connection would be secured and encrypted.

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Why VPN is important?

Now when you know what is VPN, lets’ discuss why you should start using it.

Being a student

If you are a student, your organization might have restriction on the websites you can access. If you are connected to the Wi-Fi of your college or university, you often face problems in accessing websites like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

While they may or may not help in your studies, a student also ought to have some fun while studying. So VPN here helps them out. They take you out from that restricted LAN, and move you to a faraway country over the network, where the restrictions are not there. Now when you are masked as a computer from that country, you can easily access the restricted content at your will.

Public Wi-Fi network

Mostly when you are connected over a public wi-fi network, there are chances of hackers present too on the same network. This would allow them to snoop around your data, and worse, hack your computer.

Do you really want that?

So if you are worried about your security, you can fire up your VPN and continue browsing safely. This will ensure no one snoops around your data henceforth.

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