How Branding Agencies Complement App Developers Company

Are you an entrepreneur trying to launch a business? Well, the three most important things for a start-up in this technological age are a functional website, an accessible mobile application and a great brand. Branding seems to be the least of your concern—but not really. Branding is just as important as having a top mobile app developer.

Branding and mobile application should work well together

You can’t have a successful company without a brand—that has been the same since decades ago. Branding gets recognition and that is essential when you want your business to attract clients and succeed. Branding starts at the inception of the business. It is the creation of the business identity—the name, the logo, the tagline, color scheme and even the business’s customer service. Branding allows you to be different from the competitors and hopefully, standout as well.

When preparing your iOS and Android apps, your identity should be ingrained in it. Just one look at the application layout should already clue people in on who owns the app. All the Nike-related apps have the popular check mark on them. The McDonald’s app, of course, is red with its patented yellow M. Starbucks, of course, has the iconic mermaid with the green background. That is what brand identity is—the face of the company. So whenever people are browsing through the app store, they can easily recognize your own icon.

But it doesn’t stop there. From the iOS to the Android app development, everything should have the brand’s personality and words. There should be every bit of development customization to reflect the business’s identity. This just shows how important it is for branding agencies to wholly collaborate with software engineers in the process of making the web and mobile app.

A branding firm should actually be with the start-up company every step of the way before the business launching and shortly thereafter. As soon as the brand has been established and the business is already operating independently, the branding agency could just be there as regular consultants for consistency and sustainability. So while the firm helps the business create its unique entity, it should also be there in the technological process for cohesion. That will include the cutting-edge development of web apps and the like, as well as making sure that the web and mobile design is on brand.

App Developers Company should follow bullets from top branding company

The design is another matter that a branding firm should be on top of. The business’s logo should not only look good on paper and on store signs, it should also translate well in the mobile app and in the website. These are things that the top branding firms are experts on because it is part of their research subjects. What color scheme would be captivating to a mobile user? Would the same work well in a web browser? That should explain why a mobile app development company should coordinate with the branding firm. There is an expansive range of mobile applications that the business could be involved with and the brand-conscious aide should be there for every bit of it including quality assurance post-implementation.

On the area of design, the firm also needs to make sure that everything from user interface (UI) to user experience (UI) is on brand. UI refers to the overall presentation of the application while UX refers to the framework. As a consulting firm, the agency would have to determine if the user experience should be fun or formal or tough or pretty. The “experience” that would be presented will depend on the overall identity of the business.

Business value and collaboration

So as the business starts operating and presenting its face and identity to the public, it develops value with the help of the product developed through branding. But catching the attention of the target market is not enough, you have to make sure that such would translate to profit. That is where marketing comes in. A branding firm should be able to work closely with a marketing agency to develop a strategy for both traditional and digital marketing. And as a proposal for a high-quality marketing campaign is needed, there should also be that seamless ties between a branding firm and an advertising agency to present a wide-range of promotional materials and events to ensure that the product or service continues to gain traction.

All those ploys to entice a growing number of clients and lock down their loyalty have a top branding firm in the crux of it all. Even the quality assurance task is assumed by the firm to ensure that everything follows the brand’s poignant points to ensure that everything is consistent. The firm needs to handle all aspects of the operational and marketing area of the business for the sake of congruity.

Branding agencies can be the glue to a business. As long as the brand has been created, everything else will follow: from the web and mobile application to the marketing standards and advertising campaigns, down to the physical look of the store, the uniforms of the employees, the tone of greeting of the employees—whether at the store, on the phone, or in every communication. All these should stay on brand and people will develop an affinity for the brand. When that happens, customers will flow.

Branding will definitely empower start-ups. Being new to the game doesn’t help a business’s pride. However, when you give a start-up an identity, it will build itself up on it. Then the business becomes more than just a start-up, it is its own entity that wants to break out in the entrepreneurial world.

There are a number of creative agencies out there, including top branding firms, which could help every start-up become a successful brand. So how do you choose the best one? Look for one that has an expansive portfolio that goes beyond branding per se. San Francisco-based digital product design agency Ramotion does more than just branding. It also handles UI/UX design and freelance app development for web and mobile. 

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