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How Long Does it Take to Code a Brand New Website?

The question is asked by a lot of people very often when it’s time to make a website. “How long will it take for me to learn coding?“, “Will I finish the website in due time?“. Rather than just starting with the website, people ponder and ponder. Soon they’ve spent a lot of time just preparing and planning for how to start building a website and yet achieved literally nothing. There are a few simple steps to actually help you get started and plan for how to start building your website much better.

First, to answer the original question, coding a website can take anywhere between a few days to several months. It all, naturally, depends on what it is you want to code. Is it a very advanced and professional website? Is it a small website with little to barely any code? Are you actually able to use a CMS rather than code it all from scratch?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you estimate the time it’ll take to make the website from the ground up. Coding it from scratch usually takes several weeks at bare minimum. Using a CMS will take literally hours. Below are some tips on what you should do to code your website at the best possible rate.

How to know what route to take

Are you in need of something special? No? Will just a regular blog suffice? A CMS is then your perfect bet. Just install a CMS such as WordPress or Wix on your local server and begin. WordPress lets you setup a website literally instantly. It’ll take no more than 5 minutes. You’re given the option to choose between several thousands of themes — endless customization and if you enjoy coding you’re also able to code and change the code. There are no limitations.

Are you actually in need of something special? Something WordPress is yet to start offering? Maybe then you have to code the website yourself and this will inevitably take time.

Start by installing your favourite coding language, whether it be PHP, JavaScript, both or anything else. Once that is done, install your favourite coding editor software and begin coding. When you are happy with your work — simply upload it to your server and start serving your website to the audience. As time progresses you’ll inevitably spend more time with your website and thus growing slowly but surely, all the while maintaining your website live — only taking it down when you’re in need of implementing an update or the likes.

The website CBDOlja is a website built with WordPress. This website is a webshop that sells so called “CBD olja” in Sweden. If you take a look you’ll notice it built in a professional manner and not appearing as a CMS-built website. CMS:s work this way. Customization is endless and your website wont stand out in a negative way. If WordPress feels like a choice for you visit WordPress’ official website and start building your website today.

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