How much should you Invest in Web Hosting?

Most of the people today are moving towards their own line of business. And when you start a business, you also need to have a website linked to it. And when you make a website, you also go for website hosting.

But the web hosting can vary from need to need. There are multiple types of web hosting offered by companies like Nerdster, such as shared, virtual, dedicated, and so on. How will you decide which one to go with? Also, how much should you ideally invest in web hosting?

Deciding upon Web Hosting

I will not go into detail and explain each and every type of hosting. But I would surely describe them in brief to help you make up your mind.

With shared hosting, multiple users share a common server depending upon their needs. That means if your business needs less resources now and other business needs more, the resources will be adjusted accordingly. While the cost of this hosting is very less, it often becomes difficult when many users want to have large number of resources. High traffic on any 1 website can also crash your website. But this is still ideal for those who are just beginners.

Virtual hosting is an upgraded version of shared hosting. Here also, multiple users will be sharing 1 server, for example, amazon web services or other cloud services. But the resources will be properly divided between the users. No 2 users will share a common space. So this hosting gives you the feeling of dedicated, while remaining at shared server.

Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, gives you a completely private server for your business. This is also the costliest option, and is suitable for those who have large business needs. You can either decide upon managing each and every function yourself, or you can also take help from hosting provider to provide some functionalities.

Ideal Cost

Now when you are aware of the types of hosting, how much should you ideally invest?

Depending upon your business needs, decide upon which type of hosting you want. For example, if you are dealing with videos and heavy things on your website, you definitely need a dedicated or high virtual private server for yourself.

And then, decide upon the cost factor based on your needs. Each type of hosting has varied costs. Shared hosting can be anywhere from 1$ to 5$ per month. VPS can be 5$ to 100$. And dedicated can be 100$ to 500$ or even more per month.

You can most likely go with VPS or AWS services, if you are not an extremely big business having branches all over the world. For this, you can do AWS cost optimization to save upon some of your extra costs too.

In short, how much should you invest, should depend upon what your business model is, how much traffic you are expecting, and how much resources you would be needing. All of this will help you pick up the right investment model for you.

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