The Ultimate Guide to Plan Facebook Marketing Strategy

Although, many social media platforms are available on the internet like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, but, they all fail to dominate the market of Facebook. Today, Facebook has more than 1.09 billion daily users and every year figure is growing by 16% (approx.). So, there is no question about the Facebook popularity on social media.

However, if you too want your business content to reach the wider customer in the least time, a Facebook account is a must today. Facebook page help you to engage more visitor and direct them to your site for lead conversion. For this, all you need to do is to optimise your Facebook page with regular updates. On the other side, Facebook newsfeed and advertisement are highly beneficial strategies for business marketing.

Here,  this write-up will help you with a complete guide for Facebook marketing strategy:

Tips For Your Business Facebook Page

  • Create A Business Page, Not A Personal Profile

To introduce your brand, you first need to create a business page, not a personal profile. Business pages normally look like personal profiles, but they contain unique tools for firms, brands and organizations. These tools directly land the user to business website.

  • Set A Username For Your Page

Once you have created your business page, it receives a randomly assigned number and URL. So, to make your page more user-friendly and easy to find, you must choose an appropriate username related to your business.

  • Add An Attractive Cover Image

Facebook page design allows you to display cover images of 851 x 315 pixels at the top of your business page. Choose this image, so as to attract the attention of new visitors. This will also encourage them to learn more and provide the best impression. You can also check out other people’s business pages on Facebook to awaken your creative imagination.

  • Add A Recognizable Avatar

Choose an avatar that will be easily recognizable by your visitors, for example, your company logo or your photo is the best option. This can help you with easy page finding and people also like to post more often. Your avatar must be always placed at the top of your Facebook page and its image is also displayed as a thumbnail next to all your Facebook page updates.

  • Optimize Your “Information” Area – Especially The Previews

Your “Information” area is one of the first places people look when they visit your page. This preview is located on the left of your page under your avatar, and people can also go to the full segment by clicking on the “Information” tab at the top of your page. So, be sure your preview area must have a brief informative text that describes you and your business. Many SEO Specialist uses this startegy to promote the website.

  • Add Key Business Events

“Key business events” allow you to highlight the most important events in your business, such as awards won, new product releases, major events, or other accolades.

  • Select The Call To Action Button.

Facebook has a very convenient option called call to action button. Always put this button on the top of your facebook page which can easily link to your website homepage, landing page, contact list, video, or something else.

Here, we list of other tips to enhance the business visibility through news feed and advertisements:

Tips For Visibility In The News Feed

  • Post quality content than quantity content
  • Post at the best time for your audience
  • Publish the best content of your blog
  • Fill in the meta descriptions of your blog posts
  • Publish your most compelling visual content
  • Remove links from the text of your message
  • Format your images properly
  • Post videos, especially live videos
  • Use Facebook statistics to analyse traffic source and keywords search
  • Plan your posts in advance
  • Add Facebook buttons to your blog or site
  • Subscribe to the official Facebook blog for future notifications

Facebook Advertising Tips

  • Choose a suitable advertising tool.
  • Use statistics to find out more about your audience.
  • Test various ads options.

Bottom Line

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you in creating Facebook marketing strategies to promote your business. Apart from these, you can also avail SEO specialist services with adequate SEO package to get faster results.  

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