How to Choose Right Sweepstakes Smartly to Increase Winning Percentage?

There are hundreds of sweepstakes available online to join daily. Will you join for all contests? You can’t spend much time daily to join all. You have to choose the smart sweepstakes from it to join to increase winning percentage. So from this article, we explain you how to choose right sweepstakes in short time period.

At first you need to find trusted sweepstakes directory to find high quality sweepstakes and contests. The top 3 sweepstakes directory sites are, ‘the balance every day’, ‘contest girl’ and ‘online sweepstakes’ site.

The balance every day site offers free winning advice and tips. Also they share lots of trustworthy sweepstakes daily.

Contest girl is another good site which offers free tools to check new sweepstakes and entry tracking.

Online-sweepstakes dot com is one of the popular sweepstakes directory. If you join and post a question on the community area, you can get instant replies from expert members. Such a great busy community it has. Also you can subscribe for $30 USD per year package to get all the benefits.

Let’s look how to choose right sweepstakes to increase winning percentage.

1. Competition Score

Competition score is vital to increase winning percentage for your contests. If your contest has  30 contestants in total, you have great chance to become winner. When you have 3000 contestants, your chance of winning percentage is low for sure. So how to find the contestants count for every sweepstakes? Can we ask with contest admin? They never tell the contestants count with anyone while contest running.

The smart way is, you need to look the following things:

  • Check the contest restriction details. If your contest is restricted to one state, you can assume that this contest has low number of participants.
  • If contest is allowed only for women or men, you have high chance of winning.
  • The contests have age limit to join.
  • When contestant ask for multiple sign up to join, the contestants avoid to spend much time. There you can have low competition score.
  • Sometimes, the contestants should summit photos, videos or articles to enter contests. 5 out of 10 people avoid these type of contests. Here you can get high chance of winning.

2.  Are contest admin offers valuable prizes?

You need to choose the lot prizes having contest. We found a contest with 120 prizes last month. Even 5000 contestants join for this kind of contest, you can get high percentage of choices to win prizes.

We have found a coca cola contest this month and it offers 500 giveaways. It is US only country targeted. So the chances of winning percentage is high. When you have time, check coca cola’s official site to read more.

From this, you should understand that more giveaways from contest creators provide us more chance to win prizes.

3. Join for 10 Sweepstakes daily

As we told earlier, there are lot of sweepstakes available to enter daily. 2 out of 10 people only shows interest to enter sweepstakes daily. If you show your interest to check and join for 10 sweepstakes daily and your chances of winning will increase.

Some sweepstakes allow same person to enter multiple times. Just read the rules carefully and if they allow multiple entries, don’t forget to join.

Daily spend around 1 to 2 hours for your sweepstakes work. It will give super returns for sure. The easiest way to win sweepstakes is entering for low publicity sweepstakes. Some big brands run sweepstakes with huge prizes like win home, long tour package. When a contest is so popular, the contestants count will go up to 1 million. And your winning percentage is very low for this type sweepstakes.

So what we recommend is, joining daily for 10 low publicity sweepstakes surly help you to get more prizes regularly. There are some very easy sweepstakes available on social media. They just need a share on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for their brand. From this type of sweepstakes you can easily join for 10 sweepstakes daily.

4. Contest with votes

This type of contests may ask the contestant to upload photo, music and essay presentation. 70% of the time, this type of contests conduct on Facebook social media platform. You need to get more votes for your entry among your competitors to win contests.

When you have healthy fan page with bulk fans, you can win numerous contests every day. How to get healthy fans count for your social media page? It is not easy actually. You need to spend years to build trust to gain more fans.

If you have healthy fan page ready, we recommend you to join for vote count based contests. These type of contests really offers great prizes than normal giveaways. For people with low popular fans also win these type of contests. How is it possible? There are 3 smart ways available as mentioned below.

5. Social media group

The first step is searching for Facebook group which allows votes exchange for any contests. Send invites to those groups and start voting for others and ask votes for your contest entry link. 80% of the time, people give votes in return favor.

Start to find more related groups and gather lots of votes for your entry to increase winning chances.

Bonus Tip: You can also use your forum signature area to advertise your contest entry with your community members.

6. Cheap fancy vote offers

Do a search on Google to find how to get votes for contest entries. There you can see list of service providers who serve votes for contests. Contact them and share your contest entry. Also ask them how to win contests and what are the steps to follow. Most of the providers guide you greatly to win contests. But you need to select right provider who provide real traffic votes for your contest. It is really hard job because, 8 out 10 providers can’t give real human votes.


Check these all factors before you join for any sweepstakes/contests. We hope you got some useful ideas from this post. Also you may have interest to read a relevant post from vapulsemedia tells how to choose right contests, have a look here. And please share your thoughts on comment section about how to join for right sweepstakes to increase winning percentage.

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