What is Anonymous File Sharing and what is its use?

What is Anonymous File Sharing and what is its use?

Sometimes you don’t want to reveal your name when you send some files to someone. This can either happen while playing a prank, or a serious proof where you don’t wish to reveal your identity.

The reason can be any. And there are numerous software in today’s time too, that allows you to share files with someone anonymously. Not only your privacy is protected, but you are also able to share your files to any of your peers.

One of the websites which help with the anonymous file upload is ‘Anonymous Files’, where you can share your documents and files easily with other people without revealing your identity.

For example, Snapchat. It allows you to upload an anonymous photograph and share across with all your peers. They can then view the file and either download it or delete it, but they will not come to know who sent it.

Now when you have understood what anonymous file sharing is, let’s see how and where you can use it.

Secret Witness

Sometimes it may happen that you witnessed some crime or any stealing. And you know if you come out in light and let the people know of the act, you could be affected too. So here, anonymous file sharing plays a very major role.

You can send the proof which you collected, anonymously to the concerned authorities. And stay assured that the justice would be met, while also being safe from the wrong.

Play pranks on your friends

Who doesn’t enjoy these activities. Whether getting a new number and making a prank call, or sending messages or files anonymously, these activities between friends has always been a source of entertainment. So anonymous file sharing also comes handy here when you have to trouble the daylight out of your friend’s mind.

These harmless pranks will always be entertaining, and if you recall them at a later stage, every single one of you will have a great roar of laughter.


When on an open network, it is better to take care of your safety all by yourself. With anonymous sharing, your identity will be hidden even from the prying eyes of your ISP. This way, no one would be able to use your information without your knowledge.

Your identity, and your data, both stays safe with this kind of anonymous sharing.

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