3 Tips to Promote an Online Book Shop

3 Tips to Promote an Online Book Shop

Today, people hardly visit book stores and purchase the books. A random purchase might take people to the stores. But when you are looking for that specific book, people do not prefer buying that from the stores. Why?

Because there are less chances of availability if the book is not that popular. And hence, people switch to online means to get an ebook for them. Now when people search for ebooks in large numbers, many people have developed online book shops for them.

If you are also one of those who have an online book shop, you would understand how difficult it is to attract people in the beginning. Whether you are selling textbooks, novels, or any other kind, promotions are required to reach out to your target audience.

Here I have listed down some of the easy ways through which you can promote your store.


This is one of the most important and effective ways to reach out to your exact target audience. For this, you need to work on your website’s SEO as a whole and also write some SEO friendly articles that could gain quick attention.

If you are unable to handle the SEO part yourself, then you can anytime consult some top SEO marketing agencies which will do the work for you. Many agencies also get the work done through resellers, such as Submitcore SEO Reseller. So you might get charged double, one – the basic fees of the SEO agency, and two – the fees of the agency you are working with.

Hence, it is better to check out the resellers first for their service, and then go to the agencies. In this, you need to take care of link building, guest blogging, SEO friendliness of your articles, and so on.

Social Media Marketing

Just like SEO, even Social Media Marketing is also important to reach out to wider people. While SEO helps you bring organic traffic, through social media you can get quick traffic.

Make a page for your book store and promote it. You need to add some interesting content on your page to attract the viewers. Refrain from using spamming words like “Check out this book”.

People can be attracted by using some creative content from your existing books, such as key quotes from books, quick tips, how to dos, and so on. Releasing teasers for the books also help attract attention of your viewers.

Run Contests

You can also run a contest on various platforms to gain the attention of people. The contest can be about anything. For example,

  • you can give away goodies related to your books to the top 10 readers
  • Give goodies every hour to lucky reader that include tote bags, keychains, mugs, etc.
  • Ask readers to draw some art related to that book and you will publish that on your page, and so on.

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