3 Tips to Write SEO Friendly Page Titles

One of the key points which a blogger needs to take into consideration is to ensure SEO friendly page title of posts. Well, not many people realize the importance of writing SEO friendly page titles which is why their posts get affected due to the updates of Google algorithm. There are certain tips which could help you to raise the ranking of your blogs. However, only writing an SEO friendly page title would not suffice as your post should also have certain keywords to attract the audience on the internet.

Include Keyword in Page Title

The important tip that you need to keep in mind is that your post title should contain the keyword around which your post revolves. It is recommended to write the post title after you complete writing the post as in this way, it will be possible to write the apt and SEO friendly post title. Most of the people fail to do this and hence feel regretful when their sites do not rank on the internet.

Analyze the Keyword Using Various Tools

Another step to make post title SEO friendly is to analyze the keyword using various tools. There are plenty of tools available such as ahrefs, Google AdKeywords, SEMRUSH, etc. to check the number of searches and difficulty of a given keyword. You can easily find the long tail keyword using any of these tools which would be helpful in finding a suitable keyword for your post.

Make Title Attractive and Use Numbers in the Post Title

Using the title in a creative and attractive manner is the key to gain huge traffic from the web. It is recommended to insert the keyword in the first part of the page title and then there will be high chances for the traffic generation. Adding some number, prefix or suffix would add more value to your post title which would be helpful in attracting huge traffic on your posts. For example, you could use “7 best kayaks to buy in the market” as your post title which would appeal to the audience on a large scale. Many SEO agencies such as Clicks From Search use this strategy on a large scale to increase the revenue exponentially.

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