5 Best Low-Cost and No-Code Mobile App Development Platforms Available for Businesses

The business world has evolved a lot over time due to the technological revolution. It has shifted the focus of businessmen towards building their strong web presence using mobile app development and website development.

According to Statista, the last five years have seen a boom of 1.4 billion smartphone users across the world. Due to this, most online businesses are shifting their focus on gaining mobile traffic instead of website traffic.

But the major problem for small and medium-sized businesses is the expensive mobile app development process. In a bid to solve this problem, many firms have launched low cost & no-code mobile app development platforms to facilitate building mobile apps.

Web apps, native apps, hybrid apps, progressive web applications, etc. are different types of app development platforms on which any business can build its app. Here is the list of the best low-cost & no-code mobile app development platforms that are accessible to businesses:


Andromo is an easy android app maker platform that one can use to make native Android apps without heavy investment. Andromo free app builder facilitates building any number of native android apps and make money via ads.

One can easily build any Android app without coding in a few minutes. It facilitates building custom design with its multiple features included in it. Over 1 million people are using this platform to build their apps using this mobile web platform.


GoodBarber is an excellent app development platform available for businesses who want to build an exceptionally designed low-cost app without coding experience. Its easiness to use and offers a high-quality app development experience to users.


Appery.io is a suitable platform for those who have little technical knowledge or experience. Any business team can easily make a mobile app at an affordable price. The simple to use no-code mobile development platform ensures a low-cost and visually attractive mobile app development.


Shoutem is another suitable no-code mobile development platform that businesses can use to make their apps. Started in 2010 as a social mobile network platform, it has gained immense popularity due to its user-friendliness.

Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is another mobile development platform that small businesses can use to build their e-Commerce apps. It is easy to manage content via this mobile app development platform and one can make a custom design using available templates.

So, these are some of the low-cost and no-coding app development options that every business can use to build its web traffic on a large scale.

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