VideoDuke : Mac Video Downloader

The human race is solely dependent on technology for achieving the smallest task but for Mac users, using the easily available technology has been a hassle, especially downloading videos. To solve this problem, Eltima Software has developed a new software called VideoDuke, which will help download and store the videos. VideoDuke downloads videos from several different platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Dailymotion, and a lot more.


Some of the features of VideoDuke which will compel people to buy the software are as follows:

The modes-

  1. This app comes with two forms of modes. One is known as the simple mode, which, as the name suggests, is quite uncomplicated to tackle. All the person needs to do is go to the website where the video is present, copy the URL, and paste it into the app. There is an option of selecting the resolution or quality of the video for seamless viewing.
  2. The other model is known as the advanced mode. This mode allows the user to control the quality of the video and allows selecting extra features such as subtitles and other voice-overs.

Audio- This app is solely made to excel in the video downloading department. Still, the developers added extra features where the app can also help the users download audio files. Thus, now there is no need to download thousands of apps to perform different tasks when only one has the power to complete them all. Since the audio files are usually smaller in size than the video files, the download speed also increases.

TV shows- The age is all about binging your favorite shows offline as well as online. With the help of VideoDuke, one can download any TV soap from any site.

Instagram Or Tittok : This app can be also used as Instagram downloader Mac app  which makes downloading various instagram contents easy and faster than any other relevant app. Also it allows you for tiktok video download

Offline Mode- To have a better viewing experience, Videoduke allows the viewers to download the videos online and watch them later offline. This is a feature that is not offered by other such apps in the market. This also reduces the amount of data consumed by the device in which the video is being streamed.

Easy To Use- The application is crafted so that the process of using it becomes excessively easy, and the user can navigate the app very lucidly. To download any video, all the person needs to do is click the download button.

The Bookmark Option- there is a feature in the app known as the bookmark feature, which pins one’s favorite websites to be accessed directly, thus saving a lot of time.


Downloading VideoDuke is extremely easy; follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official page of VideoDuke.
  • Download the installer
  • After the downloading process is complete, install the software.


This is one of the best-known softwares in the market, helping people download a plethora of video and audio files on Mac. The app is crafted in a way that makes it easy for users to navigate through the app.

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