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Event websites are no more based only on the information sharing; rather, it represents your brand, sets event expectations, accelerates ticket sales, and creates an online buzz, and a lot more! These immensely effective outcomes, therefore, calls for expert design and development service for creating the even websites. You should find such companies who have previously developed an event-based website so that you can take leverage of their experience to create an awesome website for you. Find such a company can be tiring but a little research and market study can hand you the best web design companies like Intlum Technology a Kolkata-based global IT company. If you want to know more about intlum visit their website.

While picking your design and development partner, make sure that you are clarifying your event website’s nature and goals like whether it’s a sports event or musical concert and whether you want to just promote your event or let the audience book tickets through the website.

Designing and developing the event websites just like the normal websites would totally defeat the goal of the site and diminish the ticket sales. So, go through our guide thoroughly in order to create the best event website that would help you get the finest exposure and best ticket sales.

Single-Page or Multi-Page

The number of pages on your website would play a pivotal role in the success of your eventual event. If your event is local in nature and contains limited information to share with the audience, you should always go for the single-page websites as they will be more suitable for your needs. Moreover, if you are planning for an art exhibition and you are willing to share the information regarding the venue, time, featured artists, and more, the single-page websites can do wonder in such case.

But if you are planning for something big with national or global exposure and you have a boatload of information, history, and details to share, a multi-page event website will be perfect for you to showcase the information and keep your audience informed!

Framework and Prioritization

The greatest challenge of creating an event website is the prioritization sections on the homepage. A designer may get into a sheer confusion regarding the overall layout, structure, and framework of the website considering the mammoth number of vital sections of your event website screaming for their individual importance. Especially when you are opting for a single-page website, the challenge is even bigger to keep every important segment on your website. Here are a few vital points which can come handy while planning a good homepage design with your team of event website designers.

  • Include the images of the key individuals above the fold in order to draw attention.
  • Give an explanation of the event’s purpose above the fold.
  • The name of the event sponsors should be included on the website below the fold.
  • The website footer should be comprised of the vital links.
  • The social media buttons should be appearing at multiple places on your website.

Keep the Vital Details at the Top

Event websites, just like any other counterparts, have a set of goals associated with it such as registrations, ticket sales, and clear communication about the event details to name a few. That’s why, you need to keep the schedule, venue details, and vital dates placed on the top of your website’s homepage as it makes the perfect sense. If you are able to get in touch with the best website designers, they would certainly make sure that your important event details stand out on your website along with the ticket purchase buttons.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Such an event website which makes no effort to induce the users to make a purchase of the tickets or make a reservation cannot be called an inspiring event website. An event is a timely matter which requires a fast booking or purchase. Thus, it’s your duty to reflect the sense of urgency on your event website in order to get the highest number of positive actions from the users i.e. registration, ticket purchase, or inquiry. Adding a countdown number of your event on your site may do wonder in the quest to get the finest outcome.

Easily Shareable

Social media is the most powerful tool for any business these days and when it comes to the events, social media is a gold mine! You need to reach your target audience of the event and nothing would work better than social media in this case. Thus, you need to make your contents easily sharable on the social media so that when a user views your content and he/she gets excited about it, they can share the news of the event on their social media with their thousands of friends. And think about the exposure if the post gets lots of reshares! Keep the social sharing button on your site at the top of the post and at the bottom as well. Keep multiple social media buttons as per your event’s nature.

Include an Element of Surprise

Everybody likes surprises since it creates great suspense among the users. So, when it’s about your grand event, include an element of surprise in it. It will add to your event’s shareability. An inclusion of surprise would make everyone talking about your event and curious about the surprise element in it! Thus, they would surely visit the venue to participate in the event and unveil the suspense you have created. So, as you can understand, it comes with queries and more ticket sales.

So, these are the six proven strategies to build your event website. You need to understand one thing that an event website is far more different than any of the regular sites you see. While the other types of websites are there for long-term business, the event-based websites are there for a limited time and have much less time to create an impact on the users. So, there would surely be different strategies to build such a website for you. Make sure that you are utilizing the points we have mentioned above as they would help you climb the ladder to achieve the best event website and make your event a grand success.

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