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Actionable Tips for IT Companies to Market Themselves Better in 2019

In the ever-expanding world of IT marketing, both established companies and brand-new startups compete against a global collection of providers.

Due to differences between business-to-consumer and  business-to-business (B2B) operation models, the type of SEO and marketing that works for consumer-based e-commerce or other businesses needs a new twist for 2019. These actionable tips will help you continue to grow your IT company or launch one successfully and get into profit as quickly as possible.

Internet Use Statistics That Matter

Although the online world seems omnipresent these days, 2019 will be the first year went over 50% of all people on earth have access to it. When it comes to the types of companies who require IT services, however, you can expect that they are already connected. Most IT companies operate on a B2B model because businesses need more in depth technological programs and products than the average consumer.

More than 63% of Internet users access it from a smartphone. This clearly demonstrates a need for mobile-friendly marketing in 2019 and beyond. As early as 2016, Google controlled up to 95% of search ad click through from mobile devices.

Internet marketing requires positioning attention-grabbing and valuable content or calls to action on websites frequented by your target audience or by doing SEO against terms your ideal customer is searching for online. There is no doubt that content marketing is the key strategy to focus on for IT companies in the future.

7-Point Plan for IT Company Marketing in 2019

If you own or operate an IT company, you already have your finger on the pulse of the technological world.

If you do not already show up effectively on mobile devices with a responsive website and your own app, current best practices have passed you by. Before all else, make sure your mobile presence is strong. After that, follow this 7-point plan to get the most out of your marketing efforts in 2019.

1 – Build an Effective Content Strategy

Content focuses on so much more than website copy and blog posts, although properly formatted, appropriately long, and SEO-effective ones will tap into the organic traffic potential of Google and other search engines. For 2019, focus on blog posts over 1000 words delivered more frequently (at least once a week)  and cross promoted with other content marketing strategies like social media posts and short videos. Also, repurpose content to use the same information or creative benefits on multiple platforms.

2 – Focus on Video

While business targets and consumers skim blog posts more often than not, video attracts attention more fully. Research shows that up to 82% of all Internet traffic will come from video watching by 2022. For business-to-business marketing of your IT company, it makes sense to focus on the latest content access methods and accessibility. Include videos in blog posts, on website pages, social media platforms, and sharing sites like YouTube to get the most beneficial response rates.

3 – Create More Personal Connections

The trend toward forging more direct relationships between businesses and their target audience remains very relevant in 2019. Although most of the focus is on consumers who buy products and higher companies to perform services based on an emotional response to the marketing they see, professional contacts need to know you in order to trust your company.

Customer service tops the list of ways to create these bonds. The popularity of interpersonal communication on various social media platforms provides the location for these interactions.

4 – Think Quick and Accessible

People complain about marketing targets having shorter attention spans. The rise of social media with its quick posts and the frequent outcries when presented with a long article indicate a need for more efficient accessibility. The types of companies you target your IT marketing strategy are full of busy people who want to know what benefits you bring to their operations as soon as possible.

Although written content may trend longer for SEO purposes, making blog posts and longer reports that skimmable helps. Use videos, graphics, short soundbites, and content blocks to attract attention and provide necessary information without wasting anybody’s time.

5 – Automate More With Smart AI

IT companies specifically should focus on artificial intelligence developments, new trends in machine learning, and all sorts of automatic programming that helps you get marketing jobs done more efficiently and effectively. Although nothing can replace the knowledge and experience of a human workforce, AI can provide considerably effective such as data collection and analysis, customer service, the development of excellent SEO criteria, and customizing the marketing experience for different segments of your B2B or consumer-based target audience.

6 – Grow Accounts-Based Marketing

Even the oldest marketers know that it is easier to get more money out of existing customers or clients than it is to find new ones. Although IT companies on the cutting edge of modern technology need to strive constantly to attract more attention in order to thrive, accounts-based marketing provides a relatively simpler and potentially more effective way to increase profits.

Success here depends on gathering as much data as possible about existing marketing efforts, buying trends, and services provided to various corporate and consumer customers. Effective analyzation helps you up-sell or cross-sell new IT services, additional apps, or other solutions.

7 – Adopt Voice Assistants and Chat Bots

Mix those important personal connections with automated systems and high degrees of accessibility, and you get one of 2019’s most intriguing marketing trends. Up to 40% of large corporations have plans to or already do use chat bots. Many computers come with voice assistants built-in, Amazon offers its popular Echo devices, and many other companies are turning to talking to get their message out and provide value for users. Over 35.6 million Americans use these types of smart assistants.

As an IT company, numerous options for chat bot use exist. They can do everything from give information to corporate targets to provide help desk style support to existing customers. People want immediate access to help, and AI voice assistants provide that.

IT marketing in 2019 focuses on a clever combination of tried-and-true methods with the latest technological advances in customer procurement, engagement, and conversion.

Although things like creating a properly optimized blog post strategy still give a boost to the all-important Google search traffic, use your technological know-how to adopt the latest methods in AI and voice assistant advancements. Not sure where to start with your IT marketing efforts? Check out this list of marketing companies that can help you turn a new leaf when it comes to IT online content marketing.

This guest post comes from JGBilling, a medical billing Chicago company.

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