How REVs and PPSR are Different from Each Other?

If your financial condition does not allow you, then it is a good deal to have a used car rather than a brand new. But if you are living in Australia and have bought a used car then you have to carry out a PPSR test of your vehicle. Today people are preferring another way of testing, namely REVs test. PPSR and REVs test are almost similar but there is some difference between the both. Scroll down to know about their dissimilarities.

Cost Difference

Fees of both the tests are not much, but there is a slight difference of amount among both. A REVS check cost you $5 via VIN, while PPSR test cost you around $10. Money difference may be a reason for REVs popularity among car buyers.

Test Details

Both the tests are for used vehicles and to ensure a buyer about vehicle’s current and past condition. Detail wise, there is much more difference between REVS and PPSR. REVS check ensures you whether the car is connected with any loan or not. It also checks the vehicle for a tempered odometer.

You will be informed about odometer setting reset in REVs test and also whether the car is stolen or not. Buying such cars may raise some problems for you. On the other hand, PPSR informs you whether the car is written off as irreparable vehicle and in an insurance claim or not. Buying a written off car cannot be driven and insured. It can only be placed in scrap.

With REVs you can also check, whether the VIR numbers are matching with parts of the car or not, but PPSR does not provide any such data. REVs is an update to PPSR which gives you peace of mind and in-depth information about the vehicle.

Sources like provide REVs test to used car buyers by following three steps. The cars manufactured after 1989 are liable to REVs test. A REVs test is performed by entering either VIN or Rego number. After entering either of the numbers, the system will confirm your vehicle details such as model, color, vehicle type, engine, and manufacturer. Once you have confirmed all the details, a copy of the detail will be sent to your e-mail ID. This report will provide you authentic information that you need for a smart car buying decision.

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