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Anthony loves writing about advanced technical topics. He loves surfing the internet and troubleshooting technical issues. He worked as a Chrome and Android Developer for 2 years, before starting his own App Development Business in France.

What are Broken Links?

A broken link, also known as “dead link” is a link on a web page which no longer works because of a number of reasons. Due to the presence of broken links on a website, it becomes difficult for a visitor to access the desired destination or resource. And this can affect the daily traffic […]

How technology is Influencing the Fashion Industry

Like many other sectors, technology has impacted the fashion and clothing industry on a large scale. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cryptocurrencies, it has become possible to increase the growth of the fashion world on a large scale. Technology has not just improved the fashion industry but it has also contributed […]

How to Create a Good Customer Satisfaction Survey?

The main secret of keeping customers happy is by introducing products and services which offer an appropriate solution to their problems. It is the positive user experience which helps to contribute to the progress of companies on different aspects. In today’s time, customer loyalty and customer satisfaction programs enjoy the top-most priority for any business […]

3 Reasons to Play CS:GO Multiplayer Shooter Game

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) has gained high popularity since its launch because it provides an excellent thrilling experience to players. Because of the excellent design and features, the customer base of the multiplayer booster game has increased significantly. CS: GO tests the skills of characters and the alertness to achieve a given target. In […]

4 Tips to Make Money With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has boomed the global cryptocurrency market, as it has passed over $11500 this year. Large number of investors are earning a significant profit by investing in Bitcoin. There are numbers of ways to make money from bitcoin online. On the same time, bitcoin needs something in exchange; it may be your time, knowledge, and […]