Mobile Game Marketing Strategies that will Work in 2019

Mobile games are taking over the app install market on Google Play Store and App Store with 33% of all apps install coming from games. That means mobile gaming is booming the market. It is a great news for mobile game developers and publishers, but the competition is also increasing at the same time. People use their smartphones to play games that make mobile gaming industry so competitive.

Here are the top mobile game marketing strategies that will work in 2019.

Upload a Trailer or Preview of Your Mobile Game on Youtube

Everyone likes to experience things before opting for them. This move is suitable for particularly paid mobile games. People are habitual to play free mobile games, like those on, no matter how small is the amount to be paid. They are not going to invest the money on something they have not seen. Hence uploading a trailer or preview of your mobile game on Youtube is a part of game marketing strategy that would make you a path of success.

When you upload a trailer on Youtube, you hit two targets with a single bullet. Goole Play requires some popularity of your app before it gets published on the store. And the publicity will come from preview video that is available and active on Youtube.

Consult with Media to Create a Buzz of Your App

Whether media is online or offline, it works effectively in both ways. Currently, you are reading mobile gaming strategies, which are also a way of promoting something on media. Media works wonderfully in terms of mobile games. Reach out different publications, which are purely dedicated for marketing and promotion stuff.

To create more buzz of your mobile game, send out press releases and notices among more number of people. When you are about to launch your game, you will get support from the gaming community to market more mobile games.

Run App Store Optimization and Social Media Ads

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a process to improve the visibility and installs of mobile games on application stores. Applications which do not use App Store Optimization, visitors won’t be able to find those applications. Besides, running ads about your game on social media is also an excellent platform to convey your marketing message to millions of people in a second.

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