Popular Platforms to Learn Website Development

If you’re new to website development, it may seem a daunting task to know where to begin from. As tough as it may seem to find the best learning environment, having full knowledge of what each platform has to offer goes a long way in helping you make the critical decision. A list of some of the best online platforms


Coursera is an online platform for various courses offered by some well known universities. While the courses aren’t just tech-based, you can simply search for topics related to coding or website design at any level you’re comfortable with. If you’re a beginner or at the intermediate level of programming, you can easily find something for yourself on Coursera. The Coursera website is well-knownra.org


Treehouse is one of the platforms dedicated to learning computer programming. The platform teaches you how to program by first serving you courses and then following up with challenges to help you practice these courses. The Tech degree certification from Treehouse gives you the option to learn frontend web design, User experience design, interactive web design, and web applications. Get started with Treehouse here teamtreehouse.com

Check DC

This addition is quite unorthodox but Check DC takes the cake when it comes to web design in Nigeria. This agency produces great design works that will inspire you to learn how to build websites that aren’t just functional but beautiful. 


Udemy is another great platform for learning website development. The courses on this website are prepared by individual tutors. Web development, mobile apps, game development, and software testing are some of the categories of courses with well-detailed content by individual tutors. To register on Udemy, visit their website: www.udemy.com

Launch School

The goal of Launch School is to be “The Slow Path for Studious Beginners to a Career in Software Development.”  This website doesn’t just teach you coding, it teaches you how to master the fundamentals of software development. Go to the Launch school website to learn more launchschool.com

W3 Schools

W3 Schools is one of the most popular places to learn how to develop websites online. The major languages you can learn on the site in include HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, C++ and more. You can also learn server side programming on this platform. If you already have the languages you want to learn set, W3 Schools is a great starting point. You can check out W3 Schools here:  www.w3schools.com

Code Academy

This is another well-known platform for developing your web development skills. This is a freemium platform that allows you to learn segmented courses designed to help you with frontend and backend web development. The paid services enable you to access quizzes and portfolio-building projects. Visit the Code Academy website to learn more www.codecademy.com

The Odin Project

The Odin Project is a free and open-source community with curated curriculums on the basics of web development. The community is built to help you learn how to code, start building your own products and interact with other developers on the platform.



If you like a challenge, you’ll definitely like Codewars. On Codewars, you get to work on a project and compare your results with others. You get to analyse and sharpen your skill level with others on this platform. This platform is good for you if you desire to learn fast and in a competitive environment. www.codewars.com

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