How the Increased Use of Rubber Stoppers is Contributing to the Growth of the Rubber Industry

The use of rubber products is booming at a global level and it is leading to a surge in the growth of the rubber industry. One of the common rubber products used in different forms is a rubber stopper. This product has high usage in many different industries and that is why rubber stoppers are being produced on a large scale.

The high production of these products is leading to a boom in the growth of the global rubber market. According to the data made available by Markets and Markets, the worldwide demand for industrial rubber is expected to see a hike at a CAGR of 4.6% during the time period, 2017-22. The market research firm states that this market is expected to reach USD 33.2 billion by 2022.

Plenty of Uses of Rubber Stoppers

Rubber stoppers are being used on a large scale in different industries and it is due to their high usefulness. Read below to learn about the uses of rubber stoppers in various industries.

Scientific Uses

If we talk about the scientific uses of rubber stoppers then they are used in scientific and chemical laboratories. Since a laboratory contains different types of chemicals, it is necessary to cover these chemicals with a rubber stopper to prevent them from evaporating. Using rubber stoppers helps to seal the chemical bottle completely and it prevents many life taking incidents.

Chemical Applications

Rubber stoppers are very useful in covering dangerous chemicals such as acids. Since rubber stoppers are made up of a substance that doesn’t react with acids. Whereas it is not the case with other chemicals as they react with acids after their contact for a certain time interval.

Commercial Uses

In the commercial world, rubber stoppers with holes are used in furnaces and equipment. The purpose of holes in rubber stoppers is to ensure the exchange of air from inside to outside. Thus, rubber stoppers help to execute any commercial process with ease and safety.

Industrial Uses

In various industries, the use of rubber stoppers is made to cover the openings of the containers. By making use of rubber stoppers with holes, the containers containing chemicals and industrial substances are kept at a certain temperature range. The holes in rubber stoppers help to maintain the required amount of moisture for keeping the stored substance in the best possible state.

High Demand for Rubber Stoppers

The demand for rubber stoppers is increasing at different levels. This is leading to a hike in the profit of many firms producing rubber stoppers. There are plenty of factors responsible for the high popularity of rubber stoppers.

  • Rubber stoppers help to seal a given bottle of chemical in a better way. Thus, their use ensures more protection for chemical experts working in a lab.
  • The second reason for the high demand for rubber stoppers is they help to resist any temperature.
  • Rubber stoppers help to prevent the contamination of different chemical samples and they help to produce accurate results in any experiment.

So, it is evident that rubber stoppers enjoy high demand in different sectors. And hence, their high demand is contributing to the growth of the global rubber market.

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