The Rise in Popularity of Cannabidiol and CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is getting rapidly popular across the globe. Popularly known as CBD, it is used for its several benefits. It is used in sparkling water, gummy bears, hair gels, oils, teas and facial masks. The scope of potential of CBD, specially the CBD oil is immense. This explains the popularity and heavy advertising of the compound.

Legal journey of CBD

The legalities about CBD changed after Charlotte Figi’s case, according to the source Since a very young age Figi experienced seizures. Her condition was so bad that she experienced over a hundred seizures every day. Her condition improved drastically due to CBD. This pushed a few legislations in place allowing use of CBD.

Wide use with minimal Side effects

The real litmus test of any drug lies in its side effects. The best part about CBD and CBD oil is that it has minimal side effects. This anticonvulsant is almost free of any side effects. It is even seen to help with adult patients with PTSD. Another marvelous use is in reduction of craving for opium addicts. Among its several other uses, It relieves anxiety and pain too.

Usage difference in EU and the USA

European Commission of the EU has amended its category for ‘Novel Food’. This now includes CBD. Now you can easily find food and drinks with CBD in them. It is clearly marked in the packaging whether or not a product contains CBD.

A regular bottle of flavoured soda can now contain CBD. However, the USA doesn’t consume CBD like this. Till date, FDA has only approved CBD in Epidiolex for epileptics.

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