Simple Tips to Consider for New iPhone Owners

If you look at statistics, roughly half of smartphone users have an iPhone. The trend should not be that surprising, given how great iPhones are. Besides, Apple continues to release new models and push iOS updates to enrich the user experience even more.

Getting an iPhone and learning how to use it should not be an issue, even if you are not too familiar with smartphones or are not that tech-savvy, in general. 

Of course, it would also help if you were proactive and learned some things about an iPhone reading information rather than discovering features randomly. 

The tips below should come in quite handy for those people who have just purchased their new iPhone and are eager to make the most out of it right away.

Enable the Dark Mode

It took a while for Apple to finally introduce the dark mode feature, but here we are. With the iOS 13, iPhone users can now protect their eyes when they want to use the smartphone in dark environments.

Adjusting the brightness does not cut it, and it is no secret to see many platforms and devices introduce the dark mode feature. 

To enable the mode on your iPhone, go to Settings and select the Display and Brightness tab. There, you will see two options at the top—Light and Dark—and can choose to enable either of the modes depending on your needs. 

Protect Your Device

iPhones are quite safe overall, like other Apple devices. Nevertheless, the odds of attracting unwanted malware are still there, especially if you spend a lot of time surfing the net without investing in a virtual private network or anti-malware app.

Now, as for how to clean your phone from virus and malware in case they appear on the smartphone, there are a few options:

  • Remove applications that seem suspicious
  • Delete internet history
  • Reset the iPhone with Factory Settings
  • Take the smartphone to a service shop

Ideally, you should take preventive measures to make sure that the smartphone is not prone to cybersecurity threats in the first place. After all, it is easier to stop malware and viruses than to deal with them after they land on the smartphone.

Check the App Store

The official App Store is one of the biggest benefits of owning an iPhone. You have a plethora of options in multiple categories. Some applications are free, and some require a monthly or a one-time fee. However, even picky people should find an app or two that will enrich their iPhone experience.

Also, it is worth noting that while there are decent applications from third-party sources, it is still better to stick to the official store for security reasons.

Install System Updates

You do not have to prioritize iOS updates. Instead of downloading and installing an update as soon as it is out, you can schedule it for the night when you are sleeping. The smartphone will take care of the update itself, and when you wake up, you can enjoy new features and performance improvements.

Another benefit of having the latest iOS version is security. Apple developers react to the latest threats and push updates to ensure their user safety.

Rearrange Home Screen

While not seemingly like much, having the option to rearrange an iPhone’s home screen is still something worth your while. If you are unhappy with the default arrangement, you can remove certain app shortcuts or add new ones depending on what you want to do with the home screen.

To start, hold down the home screen button and wait for the app shortcuts to start wiggling. Once they do, tap on the shortcut you wish to modify and drag them or click on the uninstall button to remove them.

Use Siri

Virtual assistants are some of the best examples of how smartphones change our lives by making certain tasks easier. 

Siri has been around for a while, but it continues to receive new features and improvements. Look at what the digital assistant has to offer now:

  • Making calls and sending text messages
  • Setting alarms and timers
  • Sending reminders
  • Playing music or looking up artists online
  • Calculating
  • Translating
  • Checking stocks
  • Making reservations
  • Finding files on the smartphone
  • Sending money via Apple Pay
  • Telling a joke
  • Decreasing and increasing iPhone brightness
  • Telling a joke
  • Rolling dice or flipping a coin
  • Playing voicemail

The list above is not complete. Siri has more to offer, and it would not be a stretch to say that Apple will continue making changes and improving its AI. 

If you have not used Siri or a similar assistant before, it may be a bit unusual at first. However, once you become familiar with the assistant and get the hang of how it can make your life easier, you will likely begin to wonder why you have not used Siri before. 

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