What are Different Types of Plaques you can give out as Awards?

What are Different Types of Plaques you can give out as Awards?

Plaques make a wonderful gift and memory when someone has achieved great in his or her life. Receiving awards for something is loved by everyone. Not only it makes a person feel appreciated, it also boosts their morale.

And when it comes to award distribution, many organizations go with either trophies or plaques. While both of them are great and are appreciated by people, plaques make for a better and respectable contender out of the two.

There are numerous types of plaques you can give out to the people, depending upon the nature of victory and organization handing it over.

What are the plaques?

These are basically the tablets or ornamental plates. They can be made out of ceramic, metal, wood, or even stone. The common receivers of this kind of award include companies, organizations, volunteers, or the members of the organizations.

Most commonly, these are handed out in the corporate events or any other formal occasion. Giving out these awards to the contenders is a more suitable and honored way of saying that their work is appreciated, and their accomplishments are credited.

A company should give plaques to its employees to let them know that their work is highly valued, and also to encourage their productivity. Every employee deserves to be motivated and encouraged after delivering something huge.

Common types

Some of the commonly distributed plaques include:

  1. Engraved Plaques
  2. Perpetual Plaques
  3. Gavel Plaques
  4. Full Color Plaques
  5. Desktop Plaques
  6. Photo Plaques
  7. Clock Plaques
  8. Outdoor Plaques

These are the common types. But other than these, you can also create your own kind of plaque whichever suits your organization. People take pride in getting plaques and love to show them to everybody possible. So choose your plaque wisely.

Unfortunately, many organizations still do not prefer handing out any kind of award on achieving something big. They do not take it as an investment at all. But, on contrary, these investments are the ones that encourage your employees to give more good outputs in the future too.

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