123Movies - How to Create a Movie Streaming Website Like This?

123Movies – How to Create a Movie Streaming Website Like This?

No matter legal or illegal, a lot of movie streaming websites are in play today. People love watching movies online. And hence, more and more websites are giving access to the people, to watch movies online.

Out of all, 123Movies was the most popular and preferred website to watch free content. This unfortunately is banned today. But obviously, that should not stop you from making a similar website like 123Movies for your target audience.

So if you are looking to create such a website for yourself, then here are some key points you need to consider before you begin.

Choose a platform

Since you are going to make a website, you need to choose which platform to begin with. There are many options like WordPress, Drupal, Wix, Weebly, etc. But we would recommend you WordPress, due to its numerous advantages and wide acceptance all over the world.

Once you have decided upon the platform, make a website here.

Plugins and themes

You can obviously make a website from scratch, with all the coding, etc. that is required. But do you seriously want to waste your time here?

There are numerous plugins and themes available that provide you exactly the services you wanted to include. Also, no coding is required and they help you set up your website much more quickly.

Keep in mind that your website is mainly based on videos. So choose such a theme which would suit your video website. And after that, see what all plugins you would need, for example social sharing plugin, contact form plugin, and so on.

Promote the website

Now when your website is complete and ready, it is time to promote it in order to attract the visitors. You obviously cannot display advertisements on your website, since it is a movie sharing site. So you would need to promote your content and website on social media.

Make business page on Facebook, Instagram, and other such popular platforms and start promoting your website.

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